Daniel Romano – Sleep Beneath The Willow [Review]

I’ve seen Daniel Romano more times live as a solo artist than he was in Attack In Black.
Once with Julie Doiron and Fred Squire (aka Daniel, Fred and Julie).
He drops his second album “Sleep Beneath The Willow”.

Don’t be fooled by the album title.
It’s not a sleepy record, more like a indie folk-country album.
The songs are filled with stories about of regret, sorrow, love, yearning and life.
Surprised to hear Misha Bower of The Bruce Peninsula, Tamara Lindeman of The Weather Station and Lisa Bozikovic singalong with Daniel.
Listening to the album, he does have that Bob Dylan-nesque sound to it.
There is more of a softer and gentler side of Daniel some may have never seen before.
Lots of emotions to each of the songs he sings.
If you are into the country folk side of his music, you should check it out.

Best tracks:

I’d give Sleep Beneath The Willow, 8/10.

Don’t forget to see Daniel Romano with Charlotte Cornfield and Lucas Henderson at Raw Sugar Cafe on April 8th. [Facebook event]