Doomsquad – Total Time [Review]

An album that comes out today and I think should get “total time” and attention is Toronto’s brother and sister trio Doomsquad.
Their second album Total Time is out on Hand Drawn Dracula for Canada and Bella Union for UK/Europe.
9 tracks of pyschedelic dark, pulsating electronic beats leaving you losing track of time while being hypnotic and dancing to their music.
With a title like Total Time, you can easily be transported in a realm sense of time from owning, losing and experiencing time and timelessness.
With their leading single Solar Ass, it just makes you want to shake your “ass” to the song.
One of the unique and innovative albums to come out in 2016.
Listening to it the album can be very englightening and spiritual in a dark way.
Think of them as Austra without being pretentious. (Sorry I always wanted to say that)

Best tracks:

  • Who Owns Noon in Sandusky
  • Pyramids on Mars
  • It’s The Nail that Counts, Not the Rope
  • Solar Ass
  • The Very Large Array

I’d give Total Time:

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