Drew Mosley’s Hellocene @ Wall Space Gallery

It’s been awhile since Drew Mosley had an exhibition of his works.
Have no fear!
You have until November 15th to check out Hellocene/New Beginnings at Wall Space Gallery.

About Hellocene:
Drawing from inspirations that include the study of natural history, ancient civilizations and the evolution of society, Dutch renaissance painting, Mycology and the looming collapse of species and the natural world.
Drew Mosley blends all these influences and inspirations into his own form of fantastical narratives.
Themes that touch on hyper-consumerism, capitalism and their toll on the natural world.
Misguided ideas about wealth and status play out with an aim to evoke empathy, compassion, community and above all reverence for nature as we move forward into an uncertain future
My favorite are the circle frames which feels like you are entering a portal to a different world.
Check out the photos from the opening and exhibition runs until November 15, 2019.

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