Forest City Lovers – If I Were A Tree (Single + Remix)

Forest City Lovers is one of my favorite groups.

I’m not sure when they will be releasing a follow-up to Haunting Sinking Moon, but back in December 2009, they released this 7′ inch called “If I Were A Tree“. It’s a fun playful poppy tune and the line “If I Were A Tree, I Would Give You Wood”, gives me the giggles.

The video, which was directed by Colin Medley, is fun and summery, and it makes you want to be in the music video and dance around. Christian’s dance moves make me laugh.

Watch closely, as members of Hooded Fang and The Wooden Sky make an appearance!

Great song – Listen to If Were A Tree now!
Also check out the “J-Buntz remix” by Ohbijou’s James Bunton.
Here’s a video from that I love!

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