HOMESHAKE – Empty Lot [Music Video]

HOMESHAKE, the Toronto-based music sensation, has just unveiled the visually captivating music video for their latest single, “Empty Lot.” This track is the third release from their highly anticipated album, “Horsie,” slated to hit the shelves on June 28, 2024, courtesy of Dine Alone Records.

In “Empty Lot,” Homeshake immerses listeners in a world of moody late-night drives through the city, set against the backdrop of the witching hour. It’s a captivating blend of nostalgic AM radio pop vibes and contemporary artistry that transports audiences to a realm where time seems to stand still.

About the track by Peter:
Inspired by a dream Sagar had in a hotel, the song explores how dreams become a storage space for emotions, and whatever is leftover for the waking state.
The video for “Empty Lot”, starring Salina Ladha and directed by Jim Larson, follows singles “Nothing 2 See” and “Simple” and completes the trilogy of videos for Horsie. Inspired by the film Paris, Texas, the “Empty Lot” video opens with Peter abandoning his car in an empty parking lot and wandering into a desert before stumbling upon a limousine and beginning a psychedelic, dream-like journey, accented with fast transitioning colors. “The transformation is complete, and I can leave now” says Peter. “Paris, Texas is my favorite movie, Star Trek: The Next Generation is my favorite TV show, and ‘Windowlicker’ is my favorite music video.”
“The idea of the trilogy we came up with was for each video to represent the three main stages of touring and insert these themes that Pete said his album was about,” says Jim Larson. “‘Nothing 2 See’ was about Pete’s relationship with playing live, “Simple” was about being on the road and the anxiety of rushing from gig to gig, and ‘Empty Lot’ is about finally coming home to your loved one transformed into a blue alien guy, filled with relief of making it through another tour.”

Empty Lot gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.