HOMESHAKE – Horsie [Streaming]

Toronto-based musician Peter Sagar, known as HOMESHAKE, has recently released his second album of 2024, titled Horsie, via Dine Alone Records.
While his previous album CD Wallet embraced a more guitar rock vibe, Horsie marks a return to Sagar’s signature lo-fi bedroom pop style.
This album perfectly captures the essence of those late-night drives, listening to AM radio, and drifting through dreamy, introspective soundscapes.

About the album by Peter:
“This album is mostly about being on tour, and was mostly written while on our first tours back from COVID lockdowns,” says Peter.
“It was strange to go back after so much time off, but gave me some clarity on the experience and my place in it.”

Horsie gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.