Ivytide – Blurr [Music Video]

Ivytide is a band from Montreal.
Their music is very indie electro-chill R&B pop music.
The band dropped their music video for Blurr which is taken from their upcoming EP Pardon our distance.

About the song:
This song encapsulates the feeling of losing touch, reflecting the distance between two people that comes from a disparity in perceptions, emotions, and perspectives.
The production on “Blurr” embodies the feeling of distance, with dreamy and washed out qualities that pair with lyrics describing the struggle of self-identification.
Their lead singer, Nathan, developed frostbite while filming the song’s video, shot at 7:30am in -18 degrees Celsius.
After taking a break in a cafe, he toughed it out through the rest of filming, where they made sure he was warm and cozy in between shots.
Blurr gets:

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