Kim Churchill with Babette Hayward and Brandon Agnew @ Raw Sugar Cafe

October 12th was a pretty intimate show with solo musicians at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Playing at the show was:

The show started off with St.John’s musician Babette Hayward.
She was really great live with her blend of acoustic folk pop rock music.
What got me moved was when she sang her song Breakline.
You should check out the music video which she mentioned during her set.
Babette Hayward @ Raw Sugar Cafe

Break Line – Babette Hayward from W. Scott Forbes on Vimeo.

Next was Brandon Agnew.
His set was pretty much a bluesy set.
There was a hint of that deep Southern “New Orleans” sound to it.
It was a good set.
Brandon Agnew @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Lastly it was Kim Churchill.
I finally got to see a full set considering I was running around during this year’s Ottawa Folk Festival.
He put on an amazing set.
Just Kim and his guitar and told some great stories about his hometown, friends and one about being in Tokyo.
He is truly a talented musician, the way he plays that guitar and great song writing.
Ottawa (Mostly Raw Sugar Cafe) was very lucky to have him play.
Kim Churchill @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Thanks to Emily Robertson of Audiocassette Tapes Production for helping me out.
Here is the interview with Kim Churchill.
Here is the interview with Babette Hayward

Here are the rest of the photos.

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