Land of Talk – Diaphanous [Music Video]

Land of Talk who is the Montreal-based band led by Elizabeth Powell, share the video for atmospheric “Diaphanous” today.
The aptly named opening track from forthcoming album Indistinct Conversations which comes out on July 31, 2020 via Saddle Creek and Dine Alone Records.
It is the perfect lead-in to the album’s hazy dream world, where Powell’s masterful, at times cacophonous guitar playing and delicate, stream-of-consciousness vocals are ever-present.

About the song and music video:
Powell explains: “After having recorded and shared the initial demos, hearing what Bucky had manifested from essentially just my humming and strumming at once both floored me and swept me off my feet.
What begins as an airy groove, swells into a sweeping anthem for going easy on oneself.
And, the importance of levity.”
On the video, Kramer adds: “It has been an exciting and meaningful experience collaborating with Lizzie, a strong voice. Approaching the visual treatment of ‘Diaphanous’ I lead with my sensing the song’s underbelly, the guts.
Without pushing the telling of a narrative. Finding self-determination in what we chose to reveal and disclose, what we make transparent.

Diaphanous gets:

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