Lee Paradise – Cement (feat. Scott Hardware) [Music Video]

Today the Toronto musician Lee Paradise who is the moniker for Dan Lee (Hooded Fang & PHÈDRE) dropped the music video for Cement which features Scott Hardware.
The leading single is taken from the upcoming album called Lee Paradise & Co., which comes out on October 28 via Telephone Explosion.
A retro 80s synth-electro pop funk tune.

About the track from the artist:
Sonically, “Cement” is still unmistakably Lee Paradise but with the added idiosyncratic vocals of Toronto-based soft-rock crooner, Scott Hardware who found a slew of support earlier this year for his record, Ballad of a Tryhard.
This first hint of Lee’s new album is widescreen polyrhythmic psychedelia that melts, bubbles, whirrs and klanks; the sound of the human and the machine grooving in accordance towards new futures.

Speaking about the new single, Scott Harwood – name behind the Scott Hardware moniker says: “‘Cement’ is a sort of short story about an imperfect friendship. It touches on lots of hard-to-admit emotions that can arise in relationships as people get older and life gets harder.
Cement as a substance is rough. It’ll scrape you if you fall on it, but at the same time, it’s solid and permanent.
That’s what the harder side of friendships can feel like at times – bitter, jealous, unkind but solid nonetheless in a world that changes around us and our own inner worlds changing.

I can admit I was having a rough couple of months when I wrote it. It’s a snapshot of a bad mood, essentially.”
Lee adds: “To paraphrase Scott, this song is about the trials and evolution of friendships, reflected against the inner battle of living in a changing city.”

Cement gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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