MBMG @ Cafe Dekcuf

With alot of events happening on February 6th.
Decided to hit up Cafe Dekcuf.
Playing at the venue were:

I had a great time with the indie rock alternative music.

The first band playing Burn Planetarium.
These five members are from Guelph.
This was their first time in Ottawa.
I was very eager to see them because they done some shows in the Toronto and played with bands like Ruby Coast and others.
Very impress with their set.
Music reminds me of a mix of Born Ruffians, Tokyo Police Club and Ruby Coast.
A fun great band that you should definitely check out this year.
Burn Planetarium @ Cafe Dekcuf
The second band was Ottawa’s The Allrights
I’ve seen them play live frequently.
Great as always.
The only change I noticed that they dropped some F-Bombs in some of the new songs.
It was a surprise.
Didn’t do alot of bantering which I was hoping to hear.
Lively fun set.
The Allrights @ Cafe DekcufThe Allrights @ Cafe Dekcuf
The Allrights @ Cafe DekcufThe Allrights @ Cafe Dekcuf

I didn’t stay that much of Modernboys Moderngirls.
Wish I could have stayed longer.
But they rocked it up as always.
Great catchy tunes they played for the first four-five songs that I was around.
Don’t remember if they played any new songs.
But mostly sang from the current album.
Modernboys Moderngirls @ Cafe Dekcuf

Overall it was a great night despite various other events happening in Ottawa.
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