Miesha and the Spanks – Unconditional Love In Hi​-​Fi [Streaming]

Calgary band Miesha & The Spanks dropped their long awaited album Unconditional Love In Hi​-​Fi via Mint Records.
A high energetic garage rocking album.

About the album:
Flaunting their affection for the wild roots of ‘70s and ‘80s rock, these ambassadors of badassery serve up a tableau of après-garage ringers that would bring The Runaways themselves charging back home. Brimming with raw and uncompromising hooks, awash with Miesha Louie’s instantly recognisable vocals, these two are taking their vibrant sound to the next level.

Mixed-Secwépemc artist and new mother of twins, singer/guitarist Miesha Louie’s distinctive voice and perspectives bleed through every riff and rebellious utterance. Her Mother’s Tongue backlash is echoed by drummer Sean Hamilton’s tattooed tempos, giving each of the tracks an unmistakable hard-driving aesthetic.

Piloting their hyper-sonic spacecraft through an asteroid field of playful harmonies and pointed jibes, Louie urges the marginalized to stay visible.

Her clever lyrical turns and edgy guitar attacks are the perfect tools for manipulating the system, and social attitudes, with a brazen dose of addictive vibration.
Assertive head-turners like “So Mad” and “Bully” showcase their ability to harness the creative forces of nature into pure DIY punk rock energy. These complementary values permeate the tragic yet prophetic “Bear Kids” (partially spoken in Secwépemc), as well as the two-piece’s compelling radio rocker “Dig Me Out!” is about the horrific impact of residential schools.

Miesha gravitated towards real-world problems as she retraced memories and conjured the future with her “dream team” producers Daniel Farrant (of the iconic English punk group Buzzcocks) and Paul Rawson recording at Brighton Electric Studios in the UK, and at National Music Centre and OCL Studios back home in Alberta.
Synchronized in their collaboration, Louie and Hamilton weave an audio spell that flows across genres – embracing elements of R&B, blues, folk and country mores.
The latter being most evident on the blazing “Heart On Fire,” as Hamilton’s renowned footwork ignites a barnburner guaranteed to set a denim tuxedo ablaze.

A hot shock to the brain and a shot of whisky for the soul, Miesha and The Spanks’ jukebox of barroom bangers beautifully conveys a litany of uncomfortable truths with dangerous come-hither venom. Bombastic beats and humming amps charge through indie anthems “Enough is Enough” and “I Was Gonna” with all of the band’s signature bull-in-a-China-shop delicacy.
Visionaries on the verge, Miesha and The Spanks corral listeners with a bone-crushing hug and spike spirits with a jolt of punk rock positivity.

Unconditional Love In Hi​-​Fi gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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