Fundraiser for Mugnots at Happy Goat Coffee Co. on September 12, 2015


July of this year, the Ottawa music scene was hit with a big blow that Mugshots was closed for the public.
While there are two sides to every story.
What I loved about Mugshots, was it was located in the downtown area, had a great courtyard bar area and musicians/bands could perform there.
It was also a good business for the venue (like it or not).
My guess was that someone who stayed at the hostel wasn’t expecting lots of music/partying and complained to management.
Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean you will get good service, it is a hostel!!
With less venues being catered for live music in the city, it is very tragic to hear about this.

The Acorn @ Mugshots

Click here for some documentations of great events that happened at Mugshots.
The Yips @ Mugshots

This Saturday there will be a big final party taking place at Happy Goat Coffee Co on 35 Laurel St.
They are bringing back Tacos, Ceremony and Freak Show!
Doors at 8pm.
Free before 11pm, after that will be $5
More info about the party click here.

Steamers @ Mugshots

Here is a statement:
About one month ago, the doors to our beloved Mugshots were barred. Suddenly, Ottawa was without one of it’s most unique venues and we were all left wondering … what happened?

Doomsquad @ Mugshots

Mugshots served as not only a regular watering hole but also as an unforgettable night club in which some of Ottawa’s most revered DJs held monthly events and more recently, as an indispensable venue for Ottawa’s vibrant independent music community. Each of us has a story that started inside the walls of the jail, and its loss has left a mark on us all.

Absolutely Free @ Mugshots

For the employees, the closure of Mugshots dealt a significant financial blow as their shifts were cancelled, the locks to the bar changed, and were left with no reassurance that they still had their jobs. After a few days of uncertainty, a meeting was called with Greg Brockmann, General Manager of Hostelling International Ottawa. He stated that the purpose of this meeting was to explain the future of the bar. Following that meeting, the entirety of Mugshots staff were either laid off or fired. Greg asserts that the employees had willfully quit their jobs.

Roberta Bondar @ Mugshots

We, the employees of Mugshots, maintain that our jobs were taken from us and we are seeking financial compensation. Workers Action Group has taken our case but legal counsel is expensive. We are hoping you will join us on September 12th to honour the memory of Mugshots and to help raise funds for our fight against Hosteling International.

With that, click below the wonderful photographs taken at Mugshots.


  1. Mugnaught

    Thank you again for this extremely heartwarming collection of memories, Ming! I’d like to clarify that our intent for the fundraiser, aside from raising money for our lawsuit, is first and foremost to explain how this venue was taken away using illegal and immoral business practices. We, the employees, were literally locked out (with padlocks!) of our jobs. Once our positions had been terminated we were denied severance. One of us was fired in front of everyone in a very humiliating fashion.

    We want people who feel they are also being extorted by their workplaces to know that there is a way to get justice. We’ve been lucky to get help from Workers Action Group, a very passionate bunch who are dedicated to protecting the rights of both unionized and non unionized Workers.

    And of course we will honour the memory of our sweet bar with a bunch of crazy fucking lazers and all dat bass. Cannot wait, hope to see you all there!!

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