New Swears, Wine Lips and Remi Royale @ Babylon Nightclub

New Swears went through the ups and downs in 2019.
With their release of Night Mirror which came out in June and other things along the way.
They decided to end 2019 with a repeat from their LP Release show at Babylon Nightclub.
Not calling it quits (Let’s hope not and no official statement), more like a hiatus/break for now.
Buddy Smiles was MCing the show, which was a cringe-y (in a good way) comedy set to help introduce the acts.
Remi Royale kicked off the set with his shorten once a month Manx show he does.
If you aren’t familiar, think of it as a down and out lounge and crooner singer always in a red suit with a hotdog belt.
Belting out covers and sing along to Happy Together, Sweet Caroline, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You and etc.
Second band was Toronto’s Wine Lips.
All three members were in red track suits and did a great garage psy-rock set. 7/10.
Ending things was no other than New Swears.
Once they played the first song, you need your survival instinct in getting through the insanity of people moshing and crowdsurfing.
They just bring all the fun and excitement to their shows even if you don’t know the words to their songs.
A mix from old to current materials from their repertoire.
While it is kind of sad they are taking a break for now.
There will be a void in the Ottawa music scene.
Let’s hope if one the members does something new or different on their next endeavour. 10/10.
Check out the photos from the show.

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