Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2014 [June 12, 2014]

Another memorable Thursday night at Ottawa Explosion.
The bands I got to see were:
Tropical Dripps (Caught the last few songs and got everyone all excited!)
Tropical Dripps
Ketamines (They tore up their set and played a longer set)
Ketamines @ OXW 2014
Pretty Pretty (Who was late, made up to a wild rocking set)
Pretty Pretty @ OXW 2014
Tweens (Awesome loud rocking set)
Tweens @ OXW 2014
The Stand GT (Bought back the 90s loud rocking music)
The Stand GT @ OXW 2014
Vacation @ OXW 2014
Organ Eyes
Organ Eyes @ OXW 2014
Bonnie Doon (Fun lo-fi screaming surf rock music)
Bonnie Doon @ OXW 2014
Sheer Agony (Loved them!)
Sheer Agony @ OXW 2014
Click below for more photos.
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