Ottawa Bluesfest 2024 [Day 1]

July is here, and with it comes the much-anticipated RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, a 10-day summer music extravaganza.
Celebrating their 30th anniversary!
The first day of Ottawa Bluesfest 2024 was a testament to the festival’s diverse and dynamic lineup, promising an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

Headlining the main stage was the ever-energetic Mother Mother, who delivered a stellar performance that set the tone for the evening.
Their unique blend of indie rock and electrifying stage presence had the crowd singing along to every song, making it a perfect climax for the first day.
During the O My Heart, the rain returned for abit but didn’t ruin the show.

Before Mother Mother, the stage was graced by the charismatic Orville Peck.
Clad in his signature mask, Peck’s deep baritone and haunting melodies created an atmospheric set that captivated the audience.
Previewed materials from Stampede and only wished he had special guest on stage like Kylie Minogue or Diplo which would make it a memorable show if he was the headliner.
His mix of country, rock, and Americana provided a refreshing contrast and showcased his versatility as an artist.

The second act of the night, Tokyo Police Club, brought a bittersweet note to the festival as they stopped by Ottawa on their farewell tour.
The band, known for their infectious energy and catchy tunes, delivered a nostalgic performance that resonated deeply with long-time fans.
Catch short for about 10 minutes into the set due to the heavy downpour of the rain.
Their set was a fitting tribute to their journey and left the crowd with cherished memories of their music.

Opening the show was Kingston, ON’s Funeral Lakes.
This rising indie duo brought a raw and emotive performance that set the stage for the evening. Their introspective lyrics and atmospheric soundscapes provided an intimate start to the festival, drawing the audience in and setting a high bar for the acts to follow.

Day one of Ottawa Bluesfest 2024 attendance was modest but this being the first night of Canadian indie music.
The festival got alot of nights to test out how the turn out will fare with bigger acts.
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