Ottawa Bluesfest 2011: Day 2

Skrillex @ Bluesfest 2011
Day 2 of Ottawa Bluesfest 2011 was a very fun day.
Hope it keeps getting better by each day during the festival.
There was alot of diverse genre of music.
The acts that I saw on July 6th were:

The first act that I saw was Toronto’s New Country Rehab at the Hard Rock stage.
Finally got to see them live and they were really great!
If you like folk-country this is a band to check out.
Here is my interview with them when I was at NXNE.

I did catch a glimpse of Ottawa’s Orienteers at the Subway stage.
The group has expanded which was a surprise.
The band will be opening up for the Wilderness of Manitoba on August 5th at Raw Sugar Cafe

Saw Bedouin Soundclash at the MBNA stage.
Before hand I did get to interview Jay from the band.
It was a great set they put on.

Then headed back to the Hard Rock stage to see Toronto’s Whale Tooth.
I was there when they played tracks from their debut EP.
Missed out on the new material which I heard from their live in Bellwoods performance.
I will see them again.

Then headed to see The Roots at the Claridge stage.
They were amazing live!
They was alot of anticipation and excitement for this show.
Surprise they covered GnR’s Sweet Child Of Mine.

Decided to see Skrillex than Ben Harper.
Somehow Bluesfest got changed Clubfest for this show.
I wanted to get some dubstep dancing going on at the Subway stage.
It was chaotic and excitement there.
Skrillex is a one man DJ.
I wasn’t familiar but it was great dance floor music.
It was so intense that the barricades broke.
Glad I left as quickly since people were body surfer and moshing.
You had to be there to believe it.

This ended off the excitement that was Day 2 of Ottawa Bluesfest.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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