Petra Glynt and Muzzy Legault @ General Assembly

It’s already December and there was a show I was so excited to go to!
Debaser presented a great show at General Assembly with Petra Glynt and Muzzy Legault.
Petra Glynt's artworks
Petra Glynt's artworks
It was also an art opening for Petra Glynt’s artworks presented by PDA Projects.
Muzzy Legault @ General Assembly
The show started off with Muzzy Legault with her soulful experimental jazz-rap/hip-hop music!
Fun dancing to her music!
Petra Glynt @ General Assembly
Wonderful seeing Petra perform tracks from her current album This Trip.
It was a special night besides being an LP release for Trip, it was a homecoming show too.
An amazing night of great music and dancing to it!
Petra Glynt @ General Assembly

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