Photos of 4in1 Sessions in the Fall (October Edition) [October 28, 2012]

Wow! Who knew it would be that cold on October 28th.
You can say it was the last outdoor event for 4in1 Acoustic Session.
The session took place under the bridge beside the Rideau Canal.
This time the session went back to the 4 in 1 format.
The acts that played were:
Kristine St-Pierre


Shannon Rose


Kristine was the first act.
She played a nice intimate set of acoustic folk pop music.
A brilliant musician to check out.

Trees was the second act to play.
I’ve seen them various times.
But it was a first for them to go acoustic.
Did a great job at it and sang four songs.

Shannon Rose was the third act to play.
She had two backing band members.
She played a really nice intimate set of indie folk pop music.
Amazing set!

Last act to play was Tindervox.
It was just two of the members.
Did they did a great set singing their songs acoustically.
Kara the lead singer can sure belt out that vocals.

Despite the cold weather, there were some brave souls.
Next session will be indoors at Antique Skate Shop on November 25th.
Here are the rest of the photos.

Here are the videos

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