Pop Montreal 2012 – Who to see on September 20, 2012

Here is part two of four on who to see at Pop Montreal this year.
I will be attending this year’s festival from September 19 – 22.
I forgot to mention that my goal is try to see the acts that I know won’t be playing Ottawa.
This is for September 20th and here are my picks on who to see.
This might change on the day of.
So if you really want me to see your set, you must give me really good reason! 😛
Grime’s show at Club Soda is completely sold out so there are some suggestions to see on this night.

During the day:

From 1pm – 7pm at Le Divan Orange

From 2pm – 7pm at Citizen Vintage (5330 Saint-Laurent)
I am hoping to catch Goose Hut.

6:00pm – Born Ruffians @ Parc de la Petite-Italie.
It is a free show the band is doing.
Maybe they will be previewing some new tracks.

7:00pm – Young Galaxy @ Breakglass Studio
A intimate show the band is doing!

JF Robitaille @ Les 3 Minots

Wake Island (Formerly Intensive Care) @ Le Divan Orange
Surprised they changed their name!

Warm Myth @ Balattou
Side project by Casey of Ohbijou. Music is electro-chillaxing.

Ferriswheel @ Ukarian Federation
Reversing Falls @ Le Divan Orange

Moon King @ Balattou

Dirty Three @ Ukrainian Federation
I was told to check them out if you are into instrumental rock music.

Cousins @ CFC (6388 Saint-Hubert)
Absolutely Free @ Balattou

METZ @ Mission Santa Cruz – Salle Converse (60 Rachel O.)
The band recently got signed to Sub Pop.

Parlovr @ Le Divan Orange
Nuff said about this Montreal band.

Hooded Fang @ CFC

Hand Cream @ L’Escogriffe (4467 Saint-Denis)
A band that I missed out this year in Ottawa.

Austra @ Balattou
NOTE: This is a DJ set!
So you might be disappointed.
Odonis Odonis @ CFC

C T Z N S H P @ Le Divan Orange
A band that I am hoping to catch.

Am I forgetting anyone else? Please comment on the bottom.
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