Pop Montreal: Day 3

Japandroids @ Divan Orange
The third day of Pop Montreal was my favorite.
I got to see:

Tune-Yards blew me away this time when she played at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.
This time she had a backing band and sounded alot better than her being just one musician.
There was also visuals during the show.
Totally packed the small theatre.

Headed up to the Green Room to see Adam & The Amethysts and abit of Diamond Rings
Adam & The Amethysts were amazing live.
Surprised to see Keiko who used to be in the Acorn play keyboards for them.
Saw abit of Diamond Rings.
If you don’t know, Diamond Rings is the solo project by the lead singer of the D’Urbervilles.
Not sure what to say about it, the music was very fun and his stage presence was interesting so to say the least.
Didn’t stay much, I had to head down to Divan Orange to see Japandroids.

Got to Divan Orange and found out it was sold out.
Very lucky to get in because of Japandroids touring manager knew who I was.

Got there and saw the Coathangers, finally got a chance to stay for a whole set.
Last time was in NxNE and saw them for 1-2 songs because I was venue hopping.

Japandroids were rockingly amazing.
It was a crazy hot sweaty show with alot of people moshing around.
Lots of people crowd surfing.
Glad that I got to enjoy their set properly.

Totally the best night of Pop Montreal.

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