Revisiting Set Pieces by Braids

January 18, 2011 will be the drop/release date for the long awaited full-length of Native Speaker by Braids.
Now they are in high demand since being signed to Kanine Records in the USA and Flemish Eye (Home to Chad VanGaalen) in Canada.
I am revisiting a review from August 29, 2009 on their EP called Set Pieces.
Looking back on it, I was not aware the band was formerly called The Neighborhood Council.
Their sounds has changed since then. The EP had more of that DIY approach.
When listening to the three available tracks on Native Speaker, their sound has been more sleeker than ever.
In case you don’t know the members of Braids consist of:

  • Raphaelle Standell-Preston (vocals, guitar)
  • Austin Tufts (drums, vocals)
  • Katie Lee (keys, vocals)
  • Taylor Smith (guitar, bass, vocals)

Here is what I mentioned on Set Pieces which is available on Kerfmusic.

I decided to purchase their digital EP instead so I can give them a review.
Braids is a Calgary, now Montreal band.
The EP is called Set Pieces and there is five tracks.
Music is indie experimental alterna-pop, like a mix between Sigur Ros and Azeda Booth.
To my amazement, three out of the five are more than seven minutes long. A bang for your buck.
Liver and Tan is about 9 minutes long.
Listening to it is very fun and upbeat except for Chaos And The Dark and Vendevel which is mellow and slow.

Favorite tracks (being all five):

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