Shane Ghostkeeper – Sunbeam [Music Video]

Today Shane Ghostkeeper of the band Ghostkeeper dropped the trippy music video for Sunbeam.
The final single is taken from upcoming solo album called Songs for My People which comes out tomorrow via Victory Pool.
Another moody hazy psych-folk rock vibe track.

About the track by Shane:
“Sunbeam” was written “for my late Uncle Tucker and the family he left behind,” says Ghostkeeper. “I was unable to attend his funeral so I wrote this to express my condolences and support for my Aunty Lorraine and my cousins. Tucker was a huge force in the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement community and beyond, and he was a fiercely dedicated father and husband.

This song started as an acoustic lament and then morphed into a classic rock-style tune once the band and I hit the studio. This was not my intent. However, my Uncle Tucker’s spirit stepped in and said let’s make this a rocker. I have awesome childhood memories of his love for classic rock; Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, and CCR. I will forever appreciate his influence on me. Hiy Hiy”

Sunbeam gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.