Show Review: Bell Orchestre

Last night was an amazing night.
I sort of got a chance to attend an “Arcade Fire”-ish show.
Held at the First Baptist Church.
This was my second time at that venue.
The first time was Basia Bulat and Hayden.

Felt like going to church but going to a rock show.
Very relaxed, not insane and people just sat on the pews, mostly chatted or read the bible.

The first act was this female solo singer named Little Scream.
She was good with just her guitar.
I got to ask her if she has a site or anything.
She doesn’t have anything, probably a really fresh new artist on the scene.
Little Scream @ First Baptist Church
Great singer to check out, not sure if she is from Ottawa.

The second opener was Colin Stetson.
From Brooklyn and his music is jazz/experimental.
He had two different saxophones, a normal one and big one which is a bass one from I was told.
Colin Stetson @ First Baptist Church
Music was very high energy and intense.
Colin Stetson @ First Baptist Church
Probably played about 5 songs but they were great.
Very experimental and mind blowing.
I hope he comes back to Ottawa.

Finally it was Bell Orchestre.
They were truly amazing to watch/listen live.
Its almost as close to see an Arcade Fire show but with no vocals.
Bell Orchestre @ First Baptist Church
At parts it was light and dreamy.
Then at other parts it got loud, intense. Felt like a marching band was happening.
It was like going to a hip classical concert but without the symphony.
They mostly played tracks from their new album “As Seen Through Windows”.
So no materials from their first album. I really wanted to hear Upwards March which they didn’t play.
It was great hearing the new tracks.

Here is the setlist(Not sure if its accurate):

  • Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
  • Icicles/Bicycles
  • Air Lines/Land Lines
  • Water Lines
  • Elephants
  • Dark Lights
  • Stripes
  • 7 (Must be a new track) or Throw It On A Fire
  • As Seen Through Windows


  • The Gaze

The show ended at around 10pm being at a church.
Heard that after 11am the alarm will sound or something to that extend.
Bell Orchestre @ First Baptist Church
After that I got to chat abit with the members.
How I said I thought their music video “Upwards March” directed by Kaveh Nabatian, was very Wong Kar-Wai style.
It was totally like that style and how Kaveh loves his films.
That was my surprise.
The members sure got good taste in Hong Kong movies.
Made my night happily.

Overall it was an amazing night to see this band.
Despite not getting a media pass but well worth my $20 to see them.
Can’t wait for Canada Day since its going to be a free show.


  1. ben

    Hi sir,

    Jenny pointed me your way. I love the photos. Are you doing this blog just for fun or are you trying to make something bigger out of it?

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