Passion Pit, Ruby Coast and The Grates @ Zaphod Beeblebrox [August 12, 2009]

An amazing summer that happened on August 12th at Zaphods.
So great that I was so hot and sweaty from dancing to the three bands that played.
Playing at Zaphods at the sold out show were:
The Grates from Australia.
The Grates @ Zaphods
Ruby Coast (since you know I’ve cover alot on this site)
Ruby Coast @ Zaphods
Passion Pit from Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Passion Pit @ Zaphods
On to the review.

The Grates @ ZaphodsThe first band was the Australian band The Grates.
I did speak to Alana who was the drummer and told her my short 2000 trip in Australia.
Their music is very indie alternative rock.
The lead singer Patience Hodgson came out in a unique funky outfit.
It wasn’t packed for their set but there were people in attendance.
Fun part of their set was when Patience just used the extra space on the audience floor.
Sang a song with a ribbon on a stick, that is what you call interacting with the crowds.
Took their setlist and here is what they sang.

  • Trampoline
  • Science Is Golden
  • Carve Your Name
  • Rock Boys
  • Aw Yeah
  • Milk Eyes
  • 1920 20
  • Inside Outside
  • Burn Bridges

Amazing set and they are really nice people to meet.

Ruby Coast @ ZaphodsSecond was Ruby Coast, of course they don’t need any introduction here.
They were amazing as always.
They sang mostly newer tracks and was happy the horn players were there this time.
With them, it makes their sound very different and unique.
I decided to do a quick interview with Mark and Keith of Ruby Coast.

I love hearing Creep Me Out and I Live With Monster.
Didn’t sing Better Than TV and Neighbourhood
I was talking to this girl who was so excited in seeing the headliner, said she really love Ruby Coast now and hope they will do very well in the long run.
Just noticed that their set was about 30-35 minutes.
Great to see them for like the tenth time, if I can actually remember.
Passion Pit @ Zaphods
Finally Passion Pit came on stage and the crowds got crazily packed.
When they started singing Make Light, the show got off to a fun start.
I was having a fun time and I was dancing off alot of sweat.
Later on, people were pushing and shoving, they are an electronica dance band not a punk band.
Funny that some people were getting mad at the pushers, didn’t matter I was having a great time.
I didn’t know that much of the band but I know two of the songs which were Sleepyhead and The Reeling (I love the video).
I have to say that I was surprised that Passion Pit is a very young band.
Probably due to see their music video “The Reeling” that the lead singer looks very mature.
But see the rest of the band, I can see why the younger crowds loves them.
I got their set and here is what they sang:

  • Make Light
  • I’ve Got Your Number
  • Let Your Love Grow Tall
  • Little Secrets
  • To Kingdom Come
  • Folds In Your Hands
  • Moth Wings
  • Sleepyhead
  • Smile Upon Me
  • Better Things
  • The Reeling

Passion Pit @ Zaphods
Overall the whole was a great and it was refreshing to check out different acts from different countries.
One of the best summer shows I’ve attended this year.
Surprised some of the people I know who wanted to go got into the sold out show easily.
Not going to into details but it was great that got in easily.
It’s good for Ruby Coast to be touring with Passion Pit.
Give them alot of exposure.

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  1. Ryan Pakrer

    I think you should give away that poster… to me 🙂 haha.
    Great review. I’m a fan of all the bands. I saw them all in Toronto two nights ago!

  2. Karima

    so jealous 🙂
    seems like you had fun!
    & passion pit’s setlist… so good 🙂

    P.S: I should def. get that poster 😉

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