Snowblink – Long Live (Review)

Re-release album cover.

Just found out that Snowblink‘s Long Live was reissued on November 8, 2010.
It’s a chance to do an album review and get them more exposure.
Being signed on Fire Records for the European market and finally available on iTunes.
Besides the change of the album cover, not sure if there is anything new or different on the reissue since I am going by the original copy.

For those that don’t know, Snowblink is made up of Daniela Geshundheit and Dan Goldman who happens to be husband and wife.
Having seen Snowblink live various times in Ottawa.
You might recognize Daniela when she plays in the band Bruce Peninsula.
Its been a great 2010 for them since they toured with Owen Pallett in the USA for six weeks.
Long Live has been out since 2008 and has been showing some longevity due to the touring they recently been doing.
The album is fifteen tracks of indie experimental folk pop.
Parts dreamy in tracks like Ambergris and haunting in the tracks like Heckling The Afterglow.
Lots of different instrumentation than the guitar.
More with the bells, violin, cello,
I found out reading at the liner notes that Nat Baldwin helped out on the album. (Nat happens to be playing a show in Ottawa on November 18th)
Listening over and over again to this album, I simply adore it.
Very warm, part naturalistic and intimate album.
Best tracks:

  • Rut & Nuzzle
  • Ambergris
  • [audio:]

  • The Tired Bees
  • Stand Where A Fruit Tree Drops The Things It Doesn’t Need
  • Green To Gone
  • Sea Change
  • None
  • Heckling The Afterglow
  • Go Deep
  • The Fish Of Little Thoughts
  • The Haunt
  • [audio:]

I’d give this album a 9.3/10.
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