Speaker Face – Work Friends [Listen]

Toronto’s Speaker Face dropped this cool track called Work Friends.
Blending electronic and acoustic instruments like the violin for this chillaxing, ambient vibe which I enjoy listening to.
Kind of reminds me of Zero 7 and Sudan Archives mixed into one.

About the song:
“Work Friends” speaks to the masks we wear in the workplace.
Forced relationships playing out in environments unnaturally curated to make us our most productive.
This track is a covert dance party for the freak hiding behind a tightly buttoned shirt and uncomfortable shoes.
The tension built through the verse gives way to warmth and understanding in the chorus as layers of voice and violin sweep our thoughts to our deepest friendships.

As you listen, think about the people who really know you. The ones who have seen behind your many different faces and appreciate a deep friendship.
Work Friends get:

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