Steve Adamyk Band, The Creeps and Sleep Late @ House of Targ

It was the album release show at House of Targ for Steve Adamyk Band.
Their 6th album Paradise came out a few weeks ago and it was the long awaited Ottawa show.
Also on the bill was The Creeps and Sleep Late, all Ottawa acts!
First band to perform was Sleep Late.
Formerly known as Shadow High, the band are members from Bonnie Doon, ex-Relief Maps.
Great heavy Post-Punk rock tunes. 7/10.
Second band was The Creeps.
Maybe it was a theme that the trio was wearing black rimmed geeky glasses.
I felt their set wasn’t as loud and heavy as I thought they would be, since they been a band for 10+ years.
They put on good punk rocking set. 7/10.
Wow! Has it been 9 years for Steve Adamyk Band?
With revolving members, he still puts on a consistent fun loud rock power poppin’ set.
Only played like 4 tracks from Paradise and the rest was a mix of good ol’ favorites like Katacombs, Swallow You Whole and Carry On. 8/10.
Check out the photos!

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