Suuns – Zeroes QC [Review]

As previously reviewed their EP awhile back.
Montreal’s Suuns has released their full-length album on Secretly Canadian called Zeroes QC.
As mentioned before their music is indie minimalist rhythms alterna-synth-rock.
Having the dreamy vocals of Ben Shemie mix with the noisy, droning guitars riffs and thumping synth-keyboards.
The ten tracks on the album just blew my ears away.
Impressive with the production on this album.
The two tracks that were on the EP, Arena and PVC sounds so much better on the full-length.
If you like the sounds of the British influence sounds of Joy Division and Muse (before they got too big).
This is the album to get!
Best tracks:

  • Armed for Peace
  • Gaze
  • Arena
  • Pie IX
  • Music video is NSFW

  • Sweet Nothing
  • Up Past The Nursery
  • PVC
  • Organ Blues

if I rate this, it would be a 9.5/10
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