Rich Aucoin and Hey Rosetta! @ Capital Music Hall [October 10, 2010]

It was Thanksgiving on October 10 (aka 10-10-10).
Stomach full of turkey.
Decided to head up to Capital Music Hall (Yes I know its called Live Lounge Mainstage) to see:

Being a Sunday, I was surprised with the turn out.
Probably that it was after dinner and people needed to sweat out that Turkey or needed to get out of the house.
Didn’t get to see the headliner which was Hot Hot Heat.
I was more excited to see Rich Aucoin’s set.
I didn’t get to see his set at Osheaga where he played one of the main stage but I did see his short set at the War Child Busking event.
This made it up big time.
He is definitely changing his live show to make it VERY interactive.
Like giving out 3D glasses and going near the audience and dancing with them.
Just say it was one big party with big parachute, balloons, confetti and streamers.
He even climbed up to the second floor/balcony.
Rich played from the Public Publication.
Favorite has to be UNDEAD where he got everyone to sing the chorus.

Definitely Rich put on a fun set for everyone to remember and talk about.
I never had so much fun and almost completely lost my voice from all the singing!

After that fun set, Hey Rosetta! was up.
There was alot of chanting of “Hey Rosetta!”
The band played a few new tracks from an upcoming album.
Then played a few popular tracks.
I forgot how captivating the band is live.

Overall, an amazing Thanksgiving Sunday night show!!
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