T-shirt Thursday: Two Hours Traffic

Here is another installment of “T-shirt Thursday”.
For those that don’t know last week was the start of this.
This week’s feature is Two Hours Traffic.
The t-shirt is called “Territories” hence their current album title which has been reviewed on this site.
Bought it on November 19, 2009.
What I love about this t-shirt, is that it has that retro look.
Reminds me of the really old CBC logo that had the country of Canada.
The shirt is from American Apparel.
Size small and love the grey color.
The shirt is available for purchase on their site.
Since its already summer
Here is my favorite song by Two Hours Traffic
Stuck For The Summer
Wait until next Thursday for more t-shirts to be featured from musicians/bands.
If you want a t-shirt to be featured, just make a comment.
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