The Acorn with Jim Guthrie and Pat Jordache @ Capital Music Hall

December 4th was a holiday homecoming show for Ottawa’s darling band The Acorn.
The band was on their No Ghost Cottage tour.
That tour started in September and the band traveled all across Canada, parts of USA and Europe.
Luckily Ottawa was the final stop in their tour.
It was a magical time for those who were in attendance.
The Acorn @ Capital Music Hall
Also on the bill were Jim Guthrie and Pat Jordache.

The show started off with Pat Jordache.
Last time I saw them was in May.
This time there were five members.
I was really impressed with the three drummers.
The sound was very different from last time, there wasn’t that tribal dancing sound.
More of the indie alterna-rock slick sound.
Surprised to see Thom Gilles from Silly Kissers (How I wish they come back to Ottawa for a show).
Karn who was one of the drummers who I sort of remember from Bell High School. Wanted to shout out to the audience that he is from Dunrobin.
There was some kind of silence from the audience. If it was Kanata maybe he would have gotten an reaction.
Joking aside its great that an Ottawa-ian is in this band.
Overall it was an amazing set!
Pat Jordache @ Capital Music Hall
Next was Jim Guthrie.
It was a epic set considering he had and eight piece band.
It was like the Toronto crew that came.
Nathan Lawr was on drums.
Samir from Tusks was there.
I Am Robot and Proud (aka Shaw-Han Liem) was on keyboards.
The guy on the violin who I forgot his names who is in like every Toronto band you can imagine.
Jim’s set was brillant.
Jim Guthrie @ Capital Music Hall
Lastly The Acorn came on stage.
It was just an overwhelming fun set.
I surely sang to like every song imagine at that show.
The band hasn’t done a indoor show in quite some time.
They sang tracks from No Ghost, Glory Hope Mountain, the EPs and Pink Ghosts.
This was the first time that the band alot of lot of members on stage.
They had Adam Saikaley who is a musician in his own right and host of CBC Radio 1’s Bandwidth, played keyboards.
Howie played some songs with them.
As Rolf perfectly mention that it was like Acorn Social Scene.
To end it off, it happened to be Jeff Debutte’s birthday.
He got a birthday cake and made his wish.
This was some show to remember by.
The Acorn @ Capital Music Hall
Here are the rest of the photos.
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