The Balconies, Laurent Bourque, Autumns Canon and Lindsay Ferguson @ Live Lounge Main Stage

Went to to the Live Lounge Main Stage (aka Capital Music Hall) for this contest for bands/musicians called Big Money Shot.
I was mostly there for support for my favorite band “The Balconies“.
Congrats to the Balconies on winning and moving to the finals!!!
The Balconies

Also playing were:

I didn’t stay for the last band whoever it was.

Laurent was first and he put on a great set.
Autumns Canon was second. Was not familiar with their music.
But seem to have loyal fans rooting for them.
The Balconies put on a wild fun set.
They sang two new song which hasn’t been heard and it was more of a hard rock edge.
Caught parts of Lindsay Ferguson.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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