The Elwins @ Mavericks [May 25, 2012]

After Josef Pollock‘s set at Mavericks on May 25, 2012.
The next band was Kewick (I think of them as a Toronto act), Ontario’s The Elwins.
I was more excited to see them play live.
Finally a proper venue for the Elwins to play a live Ottawa show.
The Elwins @ Mavericks

At least the band got to promote their the album “And I Thank You“.
The Elwins @ Mavericks
Their Facebook fan page suggested on their genre as “Jolly Indie Pop Rock”.
Which was I love about their whole set.
I was surprised to see Nathan Vanderwielen (ex-Ruby Coast, oh how I miss them) play with the band.
Good fun dancey pop rock music.
I couldn’t keep my excitement with their music.
At the end they got the audience to do a dance by doing a fox ears and a tail and fly like a bird.
The Elwins @ Mavericks
I really enjoyed their set!
The Elwins @ Mavericks
Before their set, I got to interview Matthew, Feurd and Travis of The Elwins.
Have a listen to the interview.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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