The Rest – Always On My Mind [Listen/Download]

It’s been a long time coming trying to talk about Hamilton’s The Rest.
Late last year one of the members sent me an e-mail to check out their music.
I was really blown away with their indie pop rock orchestral dream-like sound.
Didn’t get a chance to make a review due to being very busy and getting sidetrack with other stuff.

The band consist of six members and they are prepping up in releasing their full length album called Seesaw which will drop sometime in 2012.
I got a chance to listen to their single “Always On My Mind”.
No it’s not the Elvis Presley track which was then covered by Pet Shop Boys (which hit #1 in the UK. The year was 1987).

The song has that indie pop rock shoegazey dream-like sound.
Almost reminds me of The Darcys but not to hard-edge.
Tropical, I can’t see that.
Have a listen to Always On My Mind which is free to download on their Bandcamp.

The band will play in Ottawa on October 8, 2011 at Maverick.
They will be opening up for Memoryhouse.
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