The Ruby Spirit – Born Under A Veil [Review]

The Ruby Spirit is a five piece band from Toronto.
Not to be confused with another Ruby named band like Ruby Coast.
Here is a description about them:
A colorful art-rock pop explosion tied together with infectious melodies and harmonies.
Pushing the boundaries of the pop genre with fearless ambition.

The band dropped their album “Born Under A Veil” in 2010.
At the moment they are doing a mini-tour.
They are playing Ottawa at Zaphod Beeblebrox on May 18, 2011.

There are six tracks on Born Under A Veil and it’s filled with great indie pop-art rock sound.
It’s filled high energetic tracks like Tin Can Bees, Ruby Dog, Fix Repair and Caligari.
It has that Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Ruby Dog) and Metric (Fix + Repair) influenced vocals and scorching guitar riffs.

I was impressed with them.

Best tracks:

Give Born Under A Veil 8/10.
Don’t forget to see them live if you can.
Born Under A Veil is available on iTunes and their Bandcamp site.


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