The Wooden Sky and Yukon Blonde @ Mavericks

The Wooden Sky @ MavericksThe Wooden Sky @ MavericksThe Wooden Sky @ Mavericks
Yukon Blonde and The Wooden Sky played at Mavericks on October 27, 2010.
The turnout was amazing (due to Reading week for University students).
Its been awhile since I’ve seen both bands played in Ottawa.
Both bands did an amazing job with their live set.
The tour coincide both bands with a split 7″.
Here is The Wooden Sky singing “My Old Ghost”.

Yukon Blonde put on a great set.
Playing tracks from their current album “Yukon Blonde”.
The audience sang along to their song “Wind Blows”.
The band did manage to sing a new track.
Then two members of The Wooden Sky joined them on stage for a song.
The band totally put on a kick ass set!
Yukon Blonde @ Mavericks
After them it was finally The Wooden Sky’s turn.
I really like the three props they had on stage.
Yukon Blonde @ Mavericks
The band has been touring non-stop.
In the summer the band did a USA tour.
Still can’t believe they are now selling out shows in thanks with the album “If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone”.
It was a fun show and the audience were singing along to their songs.
One of their best sets they have done in Ottawa.
The Wooden Sky @ Mavericks
After the show ended, the band did an impromptu acoustic three song set outside of Mavericks.
The Wooden Sky @ Mavericks
For those that missed it, it was something special.
I’ve never seen that happened and it was crazy.
Favorite has to be them playing Oh My God (It Still Means a Lot to Me)
Here is the clip of it.

Here are the rest of the photos
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