Third Annual Who’s Hot in Ottawa’s Music Scene!

Click here for the results!!!

The “Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene” Poll has return.(If people like it or not :P)
If you aren’t familiar with this here the results from the first and second editions.
As a reminder this is just for fun and not to be taken seriously.
It’s all about what Ottawa has to offer in the music scene and not just a boring city!
To make the playing fields easier this year.
This time I am going up to 15-20 nominees for each category.
Because I am using Google Docs and I can’t see the results if it’s over 25.
Winners from the second edition will not be counted (Sorry Loon Choir and some members of Fevers).
Check out this year’s nominees!
Enjoy and vote as many times as you want.
Note: If you want me to add some nominees make a comment on the bottom.
Thanks to Chris Feeney for some suggestions (Mostly Sweetest Beards).
Voting ends on April 30th!!
Here are the music video nominees.

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