Two Hours Traffic & Little Stella @ Zaphod Beeblebrox [June 5, 2012]

I totally found out about this show last Saturday.
I am talking about Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island’s Two Hours Traffic playing at Zaphod Beeblebrox on June 5, 2012.
They hadn’t play Ottawa since Canada Day 2011.
Technically I saw them at CMW 2012 but got their for their last two songs.
Being a Tuesday night in Ottawa, there was a good turnout for this show.
Two Hours Traffic @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
The show started off with Little Stella.
Well this Ottawa (technically Manotick) trio played a great set of indie alterna-rock music.
This was my first time seeing them live.
Considering they added me on Twitter and hadn’t got a chance to see them live.
Afterwards, I got so excited for Two Hours Traffic.
I don’t know why I had Territory in my head, sadly they didn’t play it live.
This was the first time in the Ottawa show that they had a new member.
Nathan Gill who plays in The North Lakes and I happened to see them last year.
The band played four new tracks from an upcoming album which they are recording next week.
The new tracks sound great and catchy.
Of course the band played their classics and the audience went wild and sang out loud to Stuck For The Summer, Sure Can Start, Backseat Sweetheart and Jezebel.
Liam was overwhelmed with the audience wanted them to sing “Little Missy”.
They played a wonderful and amazing show.
Two Hours Traffic @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
Anyways the show bought a “happiness” that will “burn” in my memories :P.
Here is the setlist which I swiped.

  • Want You*
  • Magic*
  • Whenever We Finish
  • Happiness Burns
  • Amour*
  • Stuck For The Summer
  • Sure Can Start
  • Heatseeker
  • Audrey*
  • I Fought The Law
  • Weightless One
  • Little Missy
  • Backseat Sweetheart
  • (Something) Love
  • Jezebel
  • Heroes of the Sidewalk

Here are the rest of the photos.

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