Wait & See for a Dancer (Review of Diamond Rings and Woodhands show)

April 8, 2010 was the a hot sweaty dance party at Mavericks.
Playing there were:

It was a match made in heaven for these two acts to play one another.
Both are fun and get people dancing to their feet with their music.

Diamond Rings was first to play on the stage.
He recently opened up for Owen Pallett back in February.
Now he is back in Ottawa again.
This time people were actually dancing to his music.
With a stage like Mavericks, he got alot of room to do some of his crazy dance moves.
It was great to see that his music getting people to have alot of fun.
Something about the opening track (which I forgot the name) that has a hold on me. It feels empowering and has that nostalgia of what the 1980s sounded like.
I was dancing to his great catchy dancey pop tunes.

The last time I saw Woodhands was on November 5, 2009 at Ritual.
They never disappoint with their shows.
First time they had laser lights to their set. At least it wasn’t in your face.
They mostly played new material from the album Remorsecapade.
Loved hearing Talk, Cp24 and Pockets *if they played it*.
Dan Werb going at it with his keytar and the keyboards while Paul Banwatt drums away like a madman.
Paul apparently broke the snare drum and sounded very tribal.
Nice to see Paul doing some vocal singing/rapping and famously sing the Maylee Todd’s part of “Dancer”.
Dancer is still my favorite song and when they do it live it is totally epic.
They add a nice touch to the song when Diamond Rings came up and did his dance to the song.
Both acts put on a great show for Ottawa.
The people dancing and moshing was intense but not very choatic.
Something about Woodhands and Diamond Rings bring out the high energetic youth and dance away like an idiot.

Another review from someone who went to the show.

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