Will Graefe – Coral Court Motel [Listen]

Today, Brooklyn guitarist Will Graefe drop the single called Coral Court Motel.
It is taken from the upcoming album Marine Life which comes out on April 30, 2021 via 11A Records.
Emotional moody experimental folk pop tune.

About the track:
Coral Court Motel is some version of a break up song. It’s a song about resignation, infidelity, insanity. It’s psychological.
The Coral Court Motel has been defunct since 1993 so I’ve never actually been THERE.

The seed of this song came from study of Duke Ellington piano voicings- lush yet jagged, filled with mystery. The tune spilled out within the evening and I recorded the basic track in my bedroom the next day. The song features Katie Von Schleicher singing harmonies. I love how she shadows and weaves in and out of the phrases like an apparition. which is sort of how I felt for the last year.

Coral Court Motel gets:

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