Pop Montreal 2009: Day 4

Saturday was the busiest day for Pop Montreal.
Being my last day to attend this festival, there was alot of bands and musicians that I saw.
The Passovah Pop Montreal BBQ had to be moved to the Green Room due the rainy weather.
Playing at the Green Room which I saw:

Missed out Holger because I wanted to check out the Happiness Project on 5202 Hutchinson which is across from the Ukrainian Federation.
Went to Cagibi to see Kyrie Kristmanson.
Went to Casa del Popolo and saw:

Went to La Place Ubisoft: Espace Reunion and saw:

The day started off with going to Green Room for the Passovah BBQ which was moved indoors.
First band I saw was Cottonmouth and I didn’t know its basically Parlovr with one member.
Very different from Parlovr who sounds more rocking and CottonMouth is more indie pop new wavish rock.
After them was Green Go and they got myself moving with their indie electro-pop dance music.
Great seeing them live.
Parlovr totally rocked out the place.

The D’Urbervilles played and they previewed alot of new material.
This is where I met up with Marine Goebert who I was staying with during the whole festival.
The new tracks is more harder edge rock sound.
Surprised that Tim Bruton did some singing which was a surprise considering Jon is like the main singer for the band.
Old tracks they sang were The Receivers and Hot Tips.

Went to Cagibi and saw Kyrie Kristmanson play.
Amazing as always.

Then headed up to the Out Of This Spark showcase and caught bocce and Forest City Lovers.
Met up with Melody Lamb and Garry Tsaconas.
It was the first time seeing bocce live.
Totally enjoyed their set and I couldn’t stop dancing to them.
Wished they played a longer set.

After bocce was Forest City Lovers.
They were amazing as always. Only thing missing was Mika.
This time with the new drummer which I find the band more energetic this time.
Loved hearing Don’t Go and Country Roads.

After that headed off to La Place Ubisoft to see Think About Life.
Fearing it might be sold out, so we get there and its like a hip warehouse.
Second time seeing Parlovr play again and they were very wild and crazy this time.
Funny moment when they got this girl to be a mic stand.
After them was Homosexual Cops.
Very dancey music and took a chance and photograph this set.
It was intense with the people dancing and moshing to their music.
All I have to say about Think About Life’s set was it was totally hot and crazy.
What a show they put on.
It was also Matt Shane (who is the drummer) last time playing with the band.
Since he wants to focus on his art and going back to school.

After the show ended, Marine and I had to grab a taxi.
I had to text a friend on where we were.
Until she told me who we just walked pass by.
It was Charles Spearin talking to Norman Wong.
Earlier in the day I went to the Happiness Project art exhibition and I was totally in love with it.
Hearing some of the tracks and I decided to buy the album. Told that word got out to Mr.Spearin and decided to fly from Chicago just to see this.
I was hoping to get a chance to see him in person and I did.
That just made my night.
Also seeing Elizabeth Powell of Land Of Talk too.

What a fun show to top off my last night of Pop Montreal.

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