Diamond Rings and PS I Love You @ Raw Sugar Cafe

It was a fun exciting show at Raw Sugar Cafe on October 29, 2010.
Playing were:

It was sort of a album release show for both acts.
Mostly for Diamond Rings since he finally released “Special Affections”.

You can say it was a packed show.
Didn’t feel like it at first, probably due to being near the stage.
Also it was great for Diamond Rings and PS I Love You to play for the under 19+ crowd.
With the under 19+ crowd, I find they have more fun when the bands play their music.
PS I Love You @ Raw Sugar Cafe
PS I Love You started off the set.
It was fun loud rocking set.
Paul did asked the audience for feedback on the sound.
The audience didn’t mind it at all.
They sang mostly from their debut “Meet Me at The Muster Station” and one new song which I don’t remember. (My review of the album)
Definitely see them going big in 2011.
PS I Love You @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Diamond Rings was next.
This was the first time seeing him play in a small area.
I noticed the room was getting packed.
It was a wild and fun dancey show.
Played from the album “Special Affections”. (My review of the album)
He actually played “You Oughta Know” which is not the Alanis cover and it was the first time he played it in Ottawa.
He had a drum machine which was cool to see.
The audience was having a blast with his music.
Favorite part was when he mentioned that on his way to Ottawa, that he and PS I Love You were listening to Metallica and was sporting a t-shirt.
Joked that he would have covered a Metallica song.
Diamond Rings @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Overall it was an amazing show at Raw Sugar Cafe.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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