Each Other (Remnants of Long Long Long) – Taking Trips [Review]

Ever wondered what happened to Long Long Long?
They have disbanded and two of the members are now located to Montreal.
I was dismayed to hear about the breakup but at least something good came out of it.
With that they have created Each Other.

For those not aware the band consist of:

  • Brad Loughead on vocals, guitar and bass
  • Mike Wright on vocals, guitar and bass
  • Christian Simmons (Play Guitar) on percussions

Taking Trips is their first EP and was dropped in late 2011.
With another 7″ called Traces to Nowhere/Sit Still dropping in March.
I will be focusing on the Taking Trips EP.
After listening to this EP, I really like their blend of indie lo-fi psychedelic garage pop.
Think of The Beach Boys on acid.
There is part of me feeling it also pays hommage to a great Canadian band “Women“.
I can’t wait for when the full length will come out.
If you like this music then check them out.
Tracklisting of Taking Trips:

  1. Looking Lapsed*
  2. Goosing Statues*
  3. She Stole Second
  4. Freak Heat
  5. Odd Body of Water*
  6. Steam Scene *

* means best tracks
I’d give the EP 9/10.
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