EBA’s 25th Anniversary

Last week Enriched Bread Artists celebrated 25 years.
With that, they held an open studio party.
The theme from the studio was cake and there was art and installation that had all things cake.
EBA's 25th Anniversary
25th Anniversary Open Studio
On the occasion of our 25th anniversary the EBA will display our Ottawa2017 “Cut the Cake – Celebrate” project featuring our unique and inspired cakes, which interpret this universal symbol of celebration. You will find cakes made of copper wire, plaster dental moulds, butter wrappers, and sponges; cakes suspended from the ceiling, painted into abstraction, and anti-cakes. Explore these creative interpretations of cake and visit the 22 studios of our artists. Bakeries, cakes and art – what is there not to LOVE!
EBA's 25th Anniversary

EBA's 25th Anniversary
Tavi Weisz

This Open Studio we will also showcase archival photo displays of the original 1920s bakery highlighting the history of our building, the Standard Bread Factory. Our members have found beauty and artistic homes in the industrial building we call EBA. Its aged metals, thick cement columns and focus on function have always been a true inspiration. We invite everyone to join us, celebrate, and to be inspired with us.

EBA's 25th Anniversary
AMPED UP panel discussion
EBA's 25th Anniversary
Hey Stephen and Marc!

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