Gauguin: Portraits @ National Gallery of Canada

On May 23, 2019 I went to the National Gallery of Canada for the opening reception for Paul Gauguin’s Portraits.
It is part of their summer exhibition happening at the gallery.
I was fortunate enough to check out the artworks.
There were some I couldn’t photograph but check out the ones that I did get to take photos off.
Here are the details about his works:
The National Gallery of Canada is the sole North American venue for a dazzling presentation by one of the 19th century’s most influential and complex artists – Paul Gauguin.
Inspired by Gauguin’s impressive sculpture of his friend Meijer de Haan, from the Gallery collection, this landmark investigation focuses on the mature years of the French artist’s career, when he moved away from Impressionism and toward more symbolist representations in his art.
Through imaginative self-portraits – in which the artist assumes various roles – as well as his unconventional depictions of friends, family, and women in France and Polynesia, the exhibition showcases Gauguin’s extraordinary creativity in the field of portraiture.
Featuring paintings, works on paper and sculptures, Gauguin: Portraits brings together a unique and unforgettable selection of works from public and private collections around the world.

The exhibition runs until September 8, 2019.
Gauguin: Portraits gets 8/10.

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