Hidden Words and Glenn Nuotio @ Raw Sugar Cafe

It was a Halloween matinee show at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Playing at the show was:

Very excited to see this show despite being really early due to being on Halloween.
I was not aware that I actually did see Hidden Words before.
It happened to be at this year’s Pop Montreal where I attended the Sacred Sunday show with Patrick Watson and friends.
For those that don’t know Hidden Words is a band from Montreal.
Consist of six members *from today’s show*.
Features Alden Penner and Jamie Thompson from The Unicorns.
Eric and James Farr from Honeyman and the Brothers Farr.
This is from the Exclaim article:
“According to a press release, Hidden Words – the name of the group and evening – play music inspired by great spiritual writing, namely “The Hidden Words” of Bahá’u’lláh, a late 19th century mystical text summarizing the inner truths common to all religions. The release goes on to say that while the medium here is musical, “it is hoped that this can evolve and comprise exploration in film, words and all arts, as these are means of approaching the intangible and mysterious which is impossible in other discourses.”

The show started off with Glenn Nuotio.
In the spirit of Halloween, he dress up for the occasion for his set.
For the what he was dressed as.
He did his indie piano pop tunes with the help with Catriona Sturton on harmonica.
It was a nice laid back and chill out set.
Glenn Nuotio @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Hidden Words was up.
Their set was very uplifting and inspiring.
They sang the two-three songs from the Pop Montreal show.
They sang Belleza and I was like OMG!!
It was just mind blowing and gave chills down my spine.
Something about the songs they sang and doing the clap alongs, you just had to be there.
It was an amazing show!
Hidden Words @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Here are the photos
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