Interview (Audio) with Ryan & Jeremy of Mother Mother

Mother Mother @ Bluesfest 2011Mother Mother @ Bluesfest 2011
On Saturday at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest, Emily McQuarrie and I did a interview with Ryan and Jeremy of Mother Mother.
Emily did most of the talking.
The interview took place behind the Subway stage.

The questions we asked were:

  • How excited are you to be playing Bluesfest for the second time?
  • Any funny or wild stories from the tour?
  • Favorite places in Ottawa to eat or hang? (Jeremy says the Art Gallery)
  • Before prepping for the tour, what did you do to get ready for this cross Canada tour?
  • Is playing to 10000 people to be very challenging, easy or worthwhile?
  • Do you sometimes miss playing in small venues with 100 people?
  • For Ryan, how is it like being a producer?
  • Was there any inspiration when making Eureka?
  • Favorite songs you like to play live?
  • Favorite venue?
  • Since this is Bluesfest, any Blues artist you like to listen? (Ryan said Buddy Guy who played a few days ago)

I might transcribe it in the future but for now have a listen to the interview.
Check out the audio interview.
Yes you can hear Braids playing live in the background.

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