Joel Plaskett + Shotgun Jimmie – Jimmie’s Still Jimmie [Listen/Download]

Whenever Joel Plaskett will drop a new album after the massive epic “Three” album.
So far this year, Joel has decided to release a split 7″ with Shotgun Jimmie.

When I saw Shotgun Jimmie on March 23, 2011.
He mentioned about the upcoming 7″ and sang the song “That’s Not Joel”.
Which was catchy and quirky.

Have a listen to Joel’s track called “Jimmie’s Still Jimmie“.

Really great catchy pop-rock track.
Has that Joel Plaskett sound and style!
Blurb about the single:
The scenerio plays out like this: JP and SJ team up to lay down some yin and yang rockers at the Scotland Yard.
Joel rolls out the woes of traveling while unraveling on, “Jimmie’s Still Jimmie.” Shotgun consoles him with his mighty thoughtful flip side, “That’s Not Joel.”
Post-Modern Lovers doing Clash City covers where good humour hovers. Maritime brothers.

Grab a copy of the 7″ over at the New Scotland store:

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