Review: Laurent Bourque – What We Talk About (By Stephanie)

One of my favourite artists this year, Laurent Bourque, comes out with an album that’s been two years in the making.
The result is a fantastic album.
Very well put together, each song more memorable than the last.

Laurent recently performed for Bands Undone at Canteen.
You can read about it and watch the video (and interview) over at this post.

Each song has it’s own air and it’s own story yet they all bundle well together in this album – not a song out of place.
That’s one of the things I liked about this album. I enjoyed listening to the record and encourage other music lovers to check it out!

Recommended tracks:

  • At Your Door
  • All You Beautiful Girls
  • Fall In And Out
  • Happy, Alone
  • What We Talk About
  • Living In A Movie

Here’s a great video of Laurent performing “All You Beautiful Girls” on the radio:

The album is available on iTunes and for sale in Ottawa at End Hits and Compact Music.

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